Vital statistics
Position Skælpatron's girlfriend
Age unknown
Status dead (killed by toa nuva)
Physical attributes
Height unknown
Weight unknown

Raquelle is a main character and the main antagonist in Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. She lives in The Raquelle Mansion. Raquelle is constantly trying to prove to Ken that she is better than her frenemy Barbie to win him over. 

==Official Description==

For Raquelle, excess defines her posh lifestyle. Roughing it is not having a butler. The only thing to put a crack in her diamond sheen is Barbie. She dreams of catching her Malibu neighbor in a fashion fail and posting the pics on the web. She also wouldn’t mind stealing her boyfriend. 


Raquelle has a complicated relationship with Barbie and the two can be considered to be "frenemies". Raquelle envies Barbie's fame and friendliness and often tries to show to other characters that she is better.*Raquelle has an unrequited crush on Ken and, in a number of episodes, attempts to prove to him that she would be a better girlfriend than Barbie.*Raquelle is the twin sister of Ryan. She is the more clever (or devious) sibling and will often use her brother's crush on Barbie as a method to get him to do things for her.*Raquelle and Nikki dislike each other, with the latter character seemingly being the only one who notices how mean Raquelle can be. She has yet to fully interact with Teresa.*Raquelle acts indifferent towards Midge. She sarcastically comments on Midge's finicky needs in Perf Pool Party.*Raquelle and Summer don't like each other, as seen throughout the course of Mall Mayhem. Raquelle goes so far as to lie about her feelings towards Barbie to prove to Summer that she is the better friend. The two may have possibly made up following their harassment by the Mall Cop. Website Gallery=


the alliance with skælpatron:

after crash landing with her escape pod on the island of kini nui raquelle didn't crash on the lightside she ended up on the dark side of the mysterious island she then saw a giant castle on the highest mountain of the whole island

she walked towards the castle not knowing it belonged to the most,bloodthirsty, cruel, , greedy,power-hungry, sadistic, treacherous, vengeful, vile,violent and dangerous villain of all time

 *Raquelle is the villain in the show barbie life in the dreamhouse.

 *Raquelle founded The Raquelle Boutique in an attempt to overshadow Barbie's own store.

 *Raquelle is terrified of dolphins, as seen in Accidentally on Porpoise.

 *Raquelle hates camping, as seen in Oh How Campy.

 *Raquelle does yoga, as shown in The Only Way to Fly

 *Raquelle has a dog named Brunhilde.

 *Raquelle has a red convertible with cheetah prints on the seats.

 *raquelle is the first barbie to ever join skælpatron. second being teresa

 *raquelle is considered a traitor since she tricked toa nuva and the barbies into believing she was on their side but showed her true colors when 10 squads of skælpatron's soldiers attacked toa nuva's base at the light side of kini nui on the islands surface